Empower. Encourage. Accompany.


We do two things. . . ok, maybe three.

  1. Provide Peer to Peer services in a judgment free and fun loving way. This part is about finding out what works for you as an individual and then learning about how to get there, together.

  2. Train others in Recovery or touched by the disease of addiction to become Certified Recovery Peer Advocates with the explicit purpose of creating momentum to change the world (or at least the the experience of people seeking or living in Recovery in the Finger Lakes Region).

  3. We live in glorious transparency and with a fearlessness that breathes light and attention to what Recovery can look like. Because stigma and shame have the power to kill people, and that is unacceptable.


Peer Services

We provide radically person centered one-on-one sessions out there in the world. These are co-created, action-filled adventures of exploration. The big question is. . . WHAT DOES RECOVERY LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? I know that’s a big question, but we can figure it out together.

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P2P University

The only thing more exciting than changing yourself, is helping someone else find those “aha” moments. Do you want more information on helping others? We host trainings that feature the OASAS approved Recovery Coach Academy Curriculum and position you to help others and get easy access to employment while you’re at it.

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Things you want in on

We are always busy making waves in the community! Join us! Many hands make light work!

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We meet in the community

Recovery is an inner process that happens as we live our lives, out there, in the world. Because of this we purposefully meet out in the community.


We take a radical, pro-social approach to Recovery Coaching. We meet you where you are and walk with you towards where you want to be. This is about redefining, remaking, and returning to ourselves.

—Erin Pownall Burns