A personal REVOLUTION (I had one, still am, you can too).


Erin Pownall Burns - Coach, Trainer, Traveler, Lover of Life, Visionary, Radical, Cross-Fitter, Learner, Mother (various degrees of success), Wife, Cooker of Deliciousness, Insert longer trail of awesome descriptive words here.


I am not sure if people usually include this in their brief “about me” section, but you should know that I used to do drugs. A lot of drugs. I totally want to tell you my story, but it feels so gutted in black and white. I can’t properly communicate the hopelessness I felt.

I can tell you that crack cocaine will empty out your bank account and that taking a knife to your wrist will, if you’re lucky, land you in the psychiatric hospital in Clifton Springs. It is notable that they have an extensive VHS collection of mid 90’s movies.

I can also report that miracles happen, but they take intention and elbow grease. I currently attend the College at Brockport where I get to learn about my favorite group of people and how to better help us. I have an incredible family and larger network of people I love and share my life with. I spend my time creating and transforming, and that’s the way I like it.

I write short articles and do speaking gigs about recovery- don’t book me if you don’t approve of cursing (despite my best efforts, one usually slips out). Recently I have been obsessing about the phrase “The Ecology of Recovery.” The question that I am currently interested in is “what are the societal conditions that make recovery most likely? “

In other words, what can we do to support and help? This is my living, breathing, exploration of that. question.

I hope you’ll join me.

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